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Vivian Milkova

About me...

Hi, I am Vivian Milkova. I was born in Varna, Bulgaria, a beautiful city on the Black Sea coast, where I discovered my passion for acting. I love adventures and I dream of traveling, maybe because my life has been, even with only 15 years of age, full of extraordinary experiences leading to develop other areas that I really enjoy in my life. After living in Bulgaria for a few years, we moved to Saudi Arabia where I went to an American School and discovered a complete different way of life, culture, respect and where I also learned English and piano.


Being a daughter of athletes, my father as a professional swimmer and my mother as a professional table tennis player, I believe some of those genes got me, discovering natural ability for swimming and tennis. From Saudi Arabia, we moved to Spain a country I deeply love, including the language, and due to that it took no time for me to learn Spanish. South of Spain is beautiful, absolutely magic, and again here I continue my development for acting as well as competitive swimming. Currently attending Marbella Film School with the valuable guidance of my teacher Nicole Moerland who is showing me another world in acting adding to my already very passionate will to grow and learn. In Spain I am  attending a traditional Spanish school where I am  surrounded with good knowledge and friends. During these travelings and experiences in different countries and cultures, I am fluent in Bulgarian, English and Spanish. French comes as a 4th language still under development. So in short, this is me, Vivian Milkova, a very active and full of life girl excited to explore new adventures in the world of acting. 


Date of Birth: 06/10/2008


Weight: 55 kg / 115 lbs.
Height: 1,67 m / 5’5”
Bust: 81 cm / 32 inch
Waist: 63 cm / 25 inch 
Hip: 88 cm / 35 inch 
Footwear: 38 / 7.5
Clothing: S / 6

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